HERITAGE: Eddy Grant Performs "Electric Avenue" In London (1986)

HERITAGE: Eddy Grant Performs "Electric Avenue" In London (1986)

March 12, 2018

Everyone knows Eddy Grant's massive 1982 hit "Electric Avenue", but not everyone remembers what inspired the song. 

Just one year before the song's release, racial tension, a worsening local economy, high unemployment and aggressive policing ignited the 1981 Brixton riots. Horrified by what he saw, Eddy Grant wrote "Electric Avenue" in response. 

Fun Fact: The track's title comes from the little bit of trivia that Brixton market was the first outdoor market to be lit by electricity. 

Anyway, here's Eddy performing the track live in London in 1986. Click play to start it at "Electric Avenue" or skip back to the start for the full concert, because frankly the whole thing slaps.