Get Up Close And Personal With Ady Suleiman In This New Short Film

Get Up Close And Personal With Ady Suleiman In This New Short Film

February 11, 2019

Although Ady Suleiman released his stunning Memories project just last year, it seems as if we're not going to have much more time to let the album digest because he's already announcing his next full length project. As he explains at the bottom, the project was dreamt up by the rapper as a means of exercising his creativity and giving himself a springboard to what will eventually be a full album.

The Thoughts & Moments mixtape will drop April 5 and we're already getting the first taster by way of a short film he's made. Entitled "Thoughts & Moments Part 1", follows Suleiman as he talks us through his creative process and how he put the tape together.

"'Thoughts & Moments' started because I didn't want to go straight into a full album," he explains. "I wanted a bit of time to be more creative and more experimental. I wanted to make a project that was a bit more free. We moved from acoustic to electric, the guys put their flavours on and took it to a better space. I liked putting down the first things I thought of, and those usually became the song. I love the vibes and interludes, that's how I started thinking of this project, a vibes projects. I wanted to do something that was really free and 'Thoughts & Moments Vol. 1' is the result."

Words: James Keith