Connie Constance's New EP Is Anything But 'Boring'

Connie Constance's New EP Is Anything But 'Boring'

November 29, 2017

Last month, we brought you news that rising R&B talent Connie Constance was prepping for the release of her debut EP, Connie Is Boring, with the video for "Let Go".

That single ended up becoming the opening track for the three-song release, as well as a potent primer of what was to come. Now the full EP is out (listen below) and it seems she's made good on the promises that came with "Let Go".

The remaining two tracks—"1st World Tragedy" and "Bad Vibes"—continue the smoky vibes, while bringing in elements of pop and soul. The former adds an almost boom-bap beat and a twinkling piano keys to back her warming vocals, while the latter concludes the release with an unapologetic statement of her own power and a rejection of, well, bad vibes.

To pack so much into just three tracks is an impressive achievement and a powerful display of what Connie Constance is capable of. Immerse yourself below.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Hollie Fernando