EXCLUSIVE: Watch Devlin Step Into The “Limelight” Ahead Of ‘The Outcast’ Album

Devlin is back, and he’s on a grime mission.

After announcing the imminent arrival of his upcoming album, The Outcast (due March 15), the Dagenham don soon shared the audio for the album’s third single, “Limelight” (following “Live In The Booth” and “Fun To Me”). The song itself was a riotous statement of intent and a stark warning to all the pretenders that Devlin is back to reclaim his throne.

Just as the album title nods to Tales From The Crypt anthem “Community Outcast” (widely considered to be one of his best ever), the Kid D-produced “Limelight” and its Risky Roadz-directed visuals continue the promise that this album is a return to his roots. While that could mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, the eerie instrumentals of both “Fun To Me” and “Limelight” suggest at least some of the album will feature “Spookfest”-era instrumentals laced with whipcrack bars and snarling energy, which is absolutely fine by us.

Speaking with TRENCH via email, Devlin told us: “The new single ‘Limelight’ is about getting back out there in the game and reinstating myself once again. My new album, The Outcast, has that old-school grime feel to it, taking things back to the roots of where I started. Working with Risky is always a pleasure; we’ve known each other for years and he’s a good pal, and I know he always does a brilliant job.”

Risky Roadz added: “It’s always a pleasure working with Devz—we go back a long way. He’s crazy talented and he always trusts my vision. I loved the energy and the concept of this tune. It allowed me to tell a story of him as a fan, then getting involved searching for the limelight and finding it and being in the spotlight, all through some crazy and abstract lighting setups.”

Watch the Risky visuals up top and look out for The Outcast when it drops on March 15.

Thumbnail credit: Vicky Grout

Posted on March 10, 2019