EXCLUSIVE: UK Funky Pioneer MA1 Celebrates The Spirit Of The UK Underground With “London Dub”

If you know your funky, you know MA1. A true originator, MA1's productions have pushed the sound in countless new directions, combining club-ready rhythms with an uncompromising underground approach. Now he's back with a brand new piece of club weaponry, "London Dub". The track, as the producer explains below, doesn't just "revive" or "reinvigorate" funky, but instead combines it with the many different strains of UK club music—from jungle and UK garage to dub and broken beat—all the while building on the years of work put in by MA1 and his contemporaries.

"The idea behind the track was not really to bring the funky sound back," he explained to TRENCH via email, "but to build on the music made over the last few years by producers like Murder He Wrote, NKC, DJ Polo, Errorsmith and new tracks by Roska. As one of the originators of UK funky, I wanted to help move things forward by making this hard, dubby underground track. The track is called 'London Dub' because I believe the London underground dance scene has always gravitated towards deep, dubby sounds. I think it's part of our identity."

Photography: Rhianna Blake-Alaoui

Posted on March 05, 2018