EXCLUSIVE: South East Londoner ST3PH Mixes Grime With The Abstract On ‘TRIME Vol. 1’ EP

The next couple of months look like they’ll be busy ones for South East London producer and MC ST3PH. Besides releasing his brand new EP, TRIME Vol. 1, tomorrow, he also has a string of singles (more on that later) on the way, as well as at least one more EP—and that’s before we even reach the halfway point of 2019.

Anyway, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Tomorrow’s EP sees the fulfilment of a promise he made earlier in the year with the “Trime Freestyle”, a cerebral grime workout that showed us just how nimble he was on the mic while giving us a taste of what else was in store.

From the very start of EP opener “Nah No Way” to the closing bars of “Meditate”, ST3PH uses chrome-covered, sub-zero synths to provide the futuristic backdrop, over which he lays flows that range from stream of consciousness to something much more sparse. It’s impressive and thought-provoking enough, but he still manages to restrain himself and keep things from drifting too far from the grime blueprint, throwing in cocky boasts and punishing punchlines.

The next video he’ll be releasing will be for “One By One” towards the end of the month, followed by a video for another freestyle called “Alexa” and then the “Get Rid” video towards the end of April.

The TRIME Vol. 1 EP drops tomorrow, March 14, followed by volume 2 in June.

Posted on March 13, 2019