EXCLUSIVE: Poetically-Minded Awate Flies Out To Brazil For “​To Whom It May Concern”​

It’s been over a year since Awate let his masterpiece of a debut album, Happiness, out into the world. The success of the album led him to perform headline shows in the UK, America, Spain and Brazil—the latter also being the chosen location for his video for album track “To Whom It May Concern”.

Weaving a tale of love and heartbreak in the city of São Paulo, the Camden artist uses his vocal range to express different emotions, even including harmonies to show that he is not limited to his bars when it comes to telling the stories he wants to tell with his art.

The video comes as he’s set to perform his latest headline show at The Roundhouse on March 23, before later joining Lowkey as a support act on his 17-date comeback tour. We don’t know if we can expect any more visuals from the album but, either way, 2019 is set to be a busy year for Awate.

Posted on March 21, 2019