EXCLUSIVE: Poetic South London Rapper Shaun Sky Serves Up A Visually Stunning “Shore Thing”

After a friends-only cinema screening for the video in Brixton, poetic rapper Shaun Sky is now releasing the engrossing visuals for his latest single "Shore Thing". Backed by some delicate guitars and subtle, bubbling beats, Shaun weaves an uplifting, laid-back tale of positivity and self-motivation. Delicate but rousing, "Shore Thing" is the perfect bit of nourishment our souls need in the icy winter cold.

The Joshua Allen-directed video is the work of Kendrick Lamar-approved creative agency PAQ, with styling by Chiamaka Ojechi, and shows Shaun and friends (spot the cameos) as they glide stylishly through various architecural and wooded scenes. Easily one of the most artful music videos you'll see for a while, the mesmerising use of geometric shapes almost calls to mind M.C Escher or even the Cubist movement.

Get lost in it below and grab it here.

Photography: Chiamaka Ojechi

Posted on March 02, 2018