EXCLUSIVE: Please Excuse Snowy, He’s Just Looking For His “Lucy”

It's been two whole years since Snowy's last solo EP, which is a long time in internet years (or we're just impatient, whatever), but Nottingham emcee is getting ready to release his new project, Callous. To kick off the road to release date (TBC), he's today sharing the album's first single in "Lucy".

As we'd hope and expect from one of grime's wittiest and most playful characters, "Lucy" is a woozy, off-kilter banger that shows off his stream-of-consciousness lyrical style to the fullest, matched nicely by production from Greeze Team. The below video, shot by Toby Curson of Lock Up Rec, follows Snowy around a graveyard, bottle in hand, while various filters and effects amplify that wooziness further.

It's a promising first taste of Callous, so while we wait for more details about the EP and its release, we'll satisfy ourselves with this first track—which certainly won't suffer from a few reloads in the meantime.

Thumbnail photography by Nirah Sanghani

Posted on October 31, 2018