EXCLUSIVE: Nico Lindsay Delivers R&G One-Two Punch With “Oh Yeah” And “Vybzing”

It was just last month that North London lyricist Nico Lindsay dropped "Sitting Within"—a cerebral, almost spoken word track that was as hypnotic as it was fast-talking—on his SoundCloud but now he's back with something a little different.

Delivered today via his YouTube channel, Nico's giving us two tracks: "Oh Yeah" and "Vybzing", both of which sit more within the R&G arena. Both tracks were self-produced and, despite being a bit grimier than "Sitting Within", both tracks play on Nico's densely packed and poetic flow, with each cut bringing out different styles and elements from him.

Take a listen to both tracks below and who knows, maybe this year will be the year we get a full-length Nico Lindsay project.

Photography: Crits

Posted on January 31, 2019