EXCLUSIVE: Miller Blue Encourages Us To Focus On The Good Things In Life With “Rhythm In The Dance”

Back in February, emerging R&B auteur Miller Blue knocked us off our feet with his half-rap, half-R&B jam “Marigold”. Now he's back to repeat that success with new cut “Rhythm In The Dance”. The new cut continues that vein of fluid, melody-rich songwriting, but with an even greater emphasis on his agile singing style.

Subject-wise, “Rhythm In The Dance” follows Miller through his day as he navigates city streets filled with the inequities of life and the less-than-perfect things we see everyday, particularly in bustling cities like London. While it would serve us all well to remember life ain’t always rosey for those around us, there’s still plenty of beauty in the world and plenty of reasons not to let life get us down.

We caught up with Miller Blue via email and he explained, “‘In The Dance’, to me, is a reflection of how I think it’s massively important to find joy in day-to-day living regardless of the many non-idealistic situations that many of us find ourselves in. It’s not me saying be happy all the time because, quite frankly, that isn’t realistic, but we should try to focus on the good side of things that we’re blessed with and spend less time worrying about things we can’t change.”

Posted on June 08, 2018