EXCLUSIVE: Kam-Bu And Pullen Combine To Deliver A Well-Aimed “Butterfly Kick”

Kam-Bu and Pullen are an interesting duo. The former spins passionate, politically-charged rhymes while the latter has earned a name for himself reshaping drill and rap tunes into jazzy and melodic new forms. As their new single “Butterfly Kick” makes clear, special things happen when they combine their talents/ Pullen’s instrumental is a cerebral and hypnotic production with a faintly unsettling edge that sits behind Kam-Bu’s intoxicating and warped flow. Though they create gold on their own, both the Ear Wax project and this new track tell us the more they work together the better.

This year has so far seen the pair perform as part of Boiler Room’s Low Heart series and open up for Knucks and Biig Piig. Hopefully this is just the beginning for them both.

Posted on August 22, 2018