EXCLUSIVE: Jammz Unleashes Star-Studded “Oh Please” Remix With Coco, Mic Ty, Shemzy, Blay Vision, Lioness And Tempa

There's nothing like a big all-star grime remix to get you fired up for the weekend. MCs have been remixing their tracks with a room full of MCs for as long as grime has existed.

In the spirit of this grand tradition, Jammz is here with a new addition to the history books: the "Oh Please" remix. Bringing with him Coco, Mic Ty, Shemzy, Blay Vision, Lioness and Tempa—wildly differing artists from across the country—Jammz transforms the swaggering Cory Syx-produced original into a frenzied display of the lyrical pedigree coming out of the UK right now.

"The original was actually one of my favourite tunes of recent that I've made," Jammz explained to TRENCH via email, "and I can definitely say the remix has taken it up a level. The line-up itself is a whole next thing; from London to Sheffield to Birmingham, it would have been harder to create a better line-up. I won't even say too much, but everybody absolutely spun the tune differently. Shout out Coco, Mic Ty, Shemzy, Blay Vision, Lioness and Tempa. Legendary forever."

Peep the 411-directed visuals below and grab the remix here.

Photography: Ashley Verse

Posted on January 12, 2018