EXCLUSIVE: Guido Looks To Africa And The Middle East For Influence On Sweltering “54 Celsius”

Just last month, Guy "Guido" Middleton made a much-needed return to his A State Of Joy label to release Onward/Blazing Trails, a grime-led two-tracker that earned acclaim across the board. However, he's already back with another release for the label, the Unknown EP (due July 20).

To kick things off, he's now sharing one of the highlights of the EP, "54 Celsius". Despite the track's strong, grimey overtones, "54 Celsius" incorporates elements from across North Africa and the Middle East. Much of the rest of the four-track EP, we're told, was inspired by a trip Guido took last year where he travelled almost the length of Africa, from Cairo in Egypt right the way to Cape Town in South Africa.

Unlike tracks like EP opener "Would Oud Mind?" (which is focused around a traditional Middle Eastern instrument called an oud), "54 Celsius" sticks much closer to its grimey backbone, using swirling vocal samples captured on his travels to accentuate and uplift the track's more melodic moments.

Posted on July 05, 2018