EXCLUSIVE: Go Behind The Scenes With Mist On His ‘Diamond In The Dirt’ Tour In This New Documentary

Mist’s Diamond In The Dirt will almost certainly go down as one of the biggest releases of the year. There’s no denying that. The partnership with Steel Banglez yielded phenomenal results both for Mist and the UK rap scene. To celebrate the album, the subsequent tour and all the successes the Birmingham rapper’s enjoying at the minute, Mist and his people have put together this short film, filmed over the last year, to document his rise to glory.

Steel Banglez explains he met Mist through a Leicester rapper he often worked with who played him. Struck by Mist’s use of British Asian slang and his gritty flow, Steel Banglez was converted and began to open his ears to sounds beyond the M25. Banglez was so taken by Mist’s raw talent he offered to manage him for free until they started making “some serious bread.” And so they began their journey together.

The rest of the film follows Mist and his crew as they shell down on stage and muck about backstage. Mixed in with that are more interviews with Mist and his friends as they discuss the rapper’s early days and the road that’s taken him to an international level.

Posted on September 04, 2018