EXCLUSIVE: Filmmaker Shane Duncan Returns With Plastician And G FrSH For Trilogy Finale ‘This Is Croydon’

Throughout the year, film and documentary maker Shane Duncan has been exploring the ever-worsening tide of gentrification and its effects on the communities it sweeps through.

The first edition saw him visit Brixton to speak to residents and look at the dramatically shifting cultural and social make up of the area. When the episode dropped in February, Duncan told us, "I realised the place I called home was changing fast and I wanted to make a film that reflected that—I wanted the people that were blind to the fact, to now be able to see." He then headed to Peckham for another sobering yet balanced look at the effects of these rapid regenerations. There he spoke to broadcaster Yinka Bokinni, publisher Ibrahim Kamara and and the team behind Peckham Levels (which was recently converted from a car park).

For this latest episode, he's returning to South London (albeit the outer reaches) to speak to Croydon residents (like Plastician and G FrSH) about their area and what the future holds. With the introduction of places like Boxpark and improved travel routes, more and more people are flooding to Croydon. As his subjects explain, most people born there have a love-hate relationship with the place and hope that any regeneration is carried out with care and without the knock-on effect of raising house prices and driving out those same residents.

Watch the final doc in the series above.

Posted on December 06, 2018