EXCLUSIVE: Elusive Producer G1 Makes His Mark On Strictly 140 With James Bond-Sampling “Ghostface”

Grime producer G1 is, as the title says, an elusive character. Little info exists online and there's even less in the way of images (he doesn't even use social media). So with that in mind, let's keep it strictly music. Later this month, G1 is making his debut on grime outlet Strictly 140 with his brand new EP, the appropriately titled The Mythical EP. The new EP is only the label's third release and their first every solo drop, so it's something of a big deal for all involved.

G1's already teased out one of the tracks from the EP ("Raskit") and today we're sharing our personal favourite, "Ghostface". The track flips an old James Bond theme tune, adding a grimey low-end and some rolling, trappy drums to bring out the strings of the sample for a grime riddim that could sit side by side with any of the classics. If this doesn't get vocalled soon—or at least used in a radio set or dance—then we've been robbed.

Posted on October 09, 2018