EXCLUSIVE: Monster Florence Want You To “Look At The Strength” And Take Note

Off the back of the success of their first two EPs, The Groove and Bad Gear, Essex rap collective Monster Florence are now getting ready to release their debut album, Foul (due September), and they’ve already got the trippy, late night visuals for the album’s lead single, “Look At The Strength”.

Though unquestionably British in their style and delivery, there’s no denying the six-piece crew have taken at least a little inspiration from the States. On “Look At The Strength”, the trio of rappers Dream McLean, Alex Osiris and Wallace Rice tackle a New York-influenced rap beat of trudging drums and hypnotic melodies courtesy of musicians Cameron Morrell, Jonny Poole and Tom Donovan, who make up the rest of the crew.

The combination of those two contrasting influences would probably explain why the collective has experienced so much success on both sides of the Atlantic. And, after their debut EP smashed its way to the top five of the iTunes Hip-Hop chart, there’s no telling what this album could do.

Posted on August 17, 2018