EXCLUSIVE: Bristol-Based Drone Channels The Atmospheric Roots Of Dubstep Into “Narroways”

This time next month (Nov. 30), Bristol-based producer Drone will be dropping his new four-track collection, Light Speed, via Coyote Records. The very excellent title track was teased out with the original announcement earlier this month, but now we've got the next key track from the release, "Narroways", right here as an exclusive.

The spacious, dubby soundscapes of the city he lives in can be heard pulsing throughout the track (and the rest of the EP), with notes of grime and a few other sound system-appropriate styles seeping into the mix as well. We wouldn't go quite so far as to describe the sound as menacing, but there's a certain eeriness to it that has unsurprisingly found fans in the likes of Boofy, Lemzly Dale, Kahn & Neek and anyone else keen for dubstep to return to its more minimal roots.

If you've been a fan of the likes of deeply atmospheric, dubstep-influenced sounds that have been creeping back into the foreground lately, Drone's Light Speed would be an ideal place to pursue that.

Posted on October 30, 2018